How Buying a Motorbike Can Revolutionise Your Commute!


Riding a motorcycle is one of the most exciting methods of travel. As the wind rushes past you, you feel like the king of the road as you accelerate past all that slow-moving Sunday morning traffic. Feel that rush of adrenaline as you cruise through country lanes; twisting and turning around corners: beating the elements with your pace! And all before you’ve even arrived in the office at 9:00 in the morning. It’s not only fun to ride a bike, but can be more fuel efficient than driving most vehicles too. However, that’s not to say that riding a motorcycle is cheap.  If you are considering swapping car travel for a motorcycle, or simply wish to spice up your transportation, here are a few costs to consider before you make the decision:




Just like driving a car, you will need to get properly trained before you can ride with freedom – and pass a test after training, too. The price for each hour-long lesson is about £30 (on a weekday). There are also a range of ‘crash courses’ that you can take in the UK (the price of which varies according to the type of tuition that suits you best). Don’t forget that you also need to pay for your theory and motorcycle tests after you have learned to ride; the theory test currently costs £23 in the UK, and the practical tests cost £15.50 (off-road) and £75 (on-road, during weekdays).




If you want to take this seriously, you will need to kit yourself out in all the trendiest gear for motorcycle riders! You will need to factor in costs for motorcycle helmets, gloves, riding jacket, boots, and other gear for riding in wet weather (advisable in the UK!!) Prices range widely depending on how fashionable you want to appear!




Maintaining a bike is not cheap. Although it is exhilarating riding through the elements at pace, it also means that your bike is put through a lot of conditions that cause wear and tear. You can cut costs if you are a bit of a DIY fanatic, and repairing engines, brakes, steering, etc, comes naturally to you. If not, a specialist motorcycle mechanic can prove costly. Don’t forget to set aside some cash for tyres too, as these will need to be replaced regularly.




As with any mode of transport, you will need to keep your bike properly insured. The cost of this, similarly to a car, varies depending on where you live. As a bike is smaller, you may be able to save some money by keeping it in a garage. These are some of the main types of costs involved with running a bike. Although it might seem pricey, if you take good care of your bike and treat it well when you are riding, you can keep these costs to a minimum. Above all, ride safely, and enjoy!

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Top Tips for New Motorcyclists


Don’t forget to take your motorcycle in for regular maintenance. This should include checking lights, gears and break fluid. Follow our website for more hints and tips on essential repairs from our expert team!


Whether you are a new motorcycle owner or have been driving them for sometime, booking a training lesson or two could help you stay safer. We offer one-on-one training sessions at competitive prices.


Make sure that you and your motorcycle are properly insured. That way you know you are covered!

Selling your vehicle

Get in touch with us to find out the best way to sell your old motorcycle. With more than 200 members and 20-years of experience, we can help you get the best deal.

Why Buy A Motorbike

  • As with some of the motorcycle's other parts, tyres provide a good indication of how well the bike has been looked after. Matching tyres show that the owner has ordered quality, consistent tyres. Buckled tyres indicate that the bike may have been treated badly, or the victim of a crash.

  • Buying a motorcycle could be the best purchase of your life! The experiences you could have are priceless. Follow our guide will help you to make the correct purchase and avoid some of the common, costly mistakes. We hope you enjoy a safe and happy riding future!

  • The bike's bodywork will give you an idea of how well looked-after the motorcycle is. Look for concerning scratch marks on the paint and other signs that the bike might have been in a nasty collision. Don't be afraid to ask if anything stands out as particularly concerning..