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Top Tips for New Motorcyclists


Don’t forget to take your motorcycle in for regular maintenance. This should include checking lights, gears and break fluid. Follow our website for more hints and tips on essential repairs from our expert team!


Whether you are a new motorcycle owner or have been driving them for sometime, booking a training lesson or two could help you stay safer. We offer one-on-one training sessions at competitive prices.


Make sure that you and your motorcycle are properly insured. That way you know you are covered!

Selling your vehicle

Get in touch with us to find out the best way to sell your old motorcycle. With more than 200 members and 20-years of experience, we can help you get the best deal.


  • As with some of the motorcycle's other parts, tyres provide a good indication of how well the bike has been looked after. Matching tyres show that the owner has ordered quality, consistent tyres. Buckled tyres indicate that the bike may have been treated badly, or the victim of a crash.

    John Anderson

  • Buying a motorcycle could be the best purchase of your life! The experiences you could have are priceless. Follow our guide will help you to make the correct purchase and avoid some of the common, costly mistakes. We hope you enjoy a safe and happy riding future!

  • The bike's bodywork will give you an idea of how well looked-after the motorcycle is. Look for concerning scratch marks on the paint and other signs that the bike might have been in a nasty collision. Don't be afraid to ask if anything stands out as particularly concerning..







Motorcycles provide an exciting, alternative travelling experience, to the standard cars that most people drive. A motorcycle experience is one which is likely to remain with you for the rest of your life.